This life was never meant to be lived alone.

At Northside, we like to say that "The church is not where we go, the Church is who we are." Church isn't just 90 minutes on a Sunday morning. We are equally "the Church" on a Tuesday evening! Part of how we live this out is within the context of community. Jesus invited us to be a part of a new family of believers (Matt. 12:48-50). We are a family, built by the One who created family. We are made for community, created by the One who exists IN community (Gen. 1:26).

So, what do I do?

We get it, taking a first step into community can be a bit... scary!
But instead of building programs and menu items, we want to give some practical encouragement to take steps into this life-changing practice of Jesus.

Share a meal.

So much of Jesus' community happened around a table - and it's the same for us. Invite some friends out to eat or over for dinner and enjoy a meal together.

Discuss the teaching.

Dig a little deeper into the weekend teaching by discussing what we studied on Sunday. Grab a group of friends, compare notes,  and talk through some discussion questions. 

Serve together.

Few things build community like serving shoulder to shoulder. Why not sign up to serve at the same gathering alongside your community? Pick a date and a location and get started.

Start a study.

Everyone who attends Northside has free access to Right Now Media - a library of over 20,000 titles including Bible studies that are perfect for a small group gathered together.